Monday, July 19, 2010

New Home: Living Room

The living room is probably the most exciting endeavor of the decorating process, because I think this room has the most potential to be creative and entertaining. Since M and I are both big fans of dive bars, I think we want part of that aesthetic to inspire our new digs - mixed in with bright colors, a few industrial touches and cozy furniture. Here are some ideas I'm playing with:

CB2 uses these clamps as bookends, and I love the industrial feel of them. Of course, I think I'm going to hit up a hardware store for my own version of these... but thanks for the inspiration!

Ok, so in reality, never will I ever be able to afford this (or any) chair by Einar Olafsson, BUT I love everything about it, from the beautiful shape, to its fully customizable features... and it just looks so comfy! I dream of the day I can find an affordable, cozy and interesting chair to cuddle up in, that doesn't resemable a La-Z-Boy. I think I can still use it for some kind of inspiration.

I love love love the contrast of these walls via Apartment Therapy: unframed vs. framed. It makes the walls just refined enough. I want my own place to be the perfect combination of nice cleans lines contrasted with areas that are more visually busy. M and I are both photographers, and we will need to find a fun solution for photographs!

More inspiration to come!

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