Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Contributors!

I'm very excited to announce some of my very first contributors to the blog! Rony is one of
my nearest and dearest friends and she has always been the fashionista between the two of us, especially in high school. Her style was always put together and mine was... all over the place.
I remember her bedroom was always filled with stacks of fashion magazines. So it wasn't surprising when I found out she and her friend Vera started a blog all about their personal style, and how
to achieve fashionable and trendy looks without spending wads of cash. The two will be
discussing all kinds of things on here in the future, but for now we put together a little interview
as part of their introduction.

Rony and Vera are fashion minded architecture students based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The girls
launched their blog in March of this year and have been going strong since. In addition to
posting photo shoots with some of their favorite outfits and fashion ideas, they also offer
styling for career women or anyone looking to upgrade their style.

How did your blog begin?
We always somehow ended up coordinating outfits without meaning to or discussing it, a
sort of style telepathy that everyone always teased us about. We have also always been known
for our knack for finding very cool chic items for very low prices, so we decided to put that to
good use and show girls how you can put together amazing outfits without spending a fortune.

What do you take into consideration when styling a client?
The first thing we do is always listen to the client's hope and requests to understand the kind
of look they want to achieve. We the go through their wardrobe to show them how they could
do more with what they have; recycling can be so much better than buying new. Our goal is to
turn the subject into a fashion queen (or king) by dressing them in outfits that suit their body, personality and budget.

How does living in Tel Aviv affect your style?
Tel Aviv is a city of eclecticism, from its architecture to its population and different styles and
faces that you see, which we find very inspiring. Tel Avivis are ver adventurous with their style
and not afraid to let their personality shine through, from business people to trend queens to
hipsters and punks to teenage divas. The weather is always a big consideration. The city gets so
hot and humid for the majority of the year and it's sometimes hard to keep it chic when all you
want to do is walk around in a bikini all day. One thing's for sure, the city has been the perfect backdrop for our photo shoots.

What are your favorite places to shop?
We love reading fashion magazines and finding cheap equivalents to all the beautiful clothes
they feature. We love shopping at flea markets and vintage stores for really unique one of a kind
finds. We love going to thrift stores in Israel and abroad; one of our favorites is Primark in London.
We also love to support Israeli designers, they have a touch that we haven't seen in any other
designers. The great thing about Tel Aviv are all its little boutiques where you can find pieces
that no one else will have.

What's next for What We Wear?
We are now working on a project to become more involved with the city's fashion scene and
use our blog to show all the amazing fashion, shopping and street style the city has to offer.

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What We Wear said...

Thank you for the introduction, we are very excited about this collaboration and lots of joint creativity in the future!!
Vera and Rony

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