Friday, February 4, 2011

Image Lust

I. am. absolutely. speechless. I am totally in love with everything about this image. Photographer swoon! I love this image so much I cannot even put together proper sentences. It's a mix of sexy, elegant, mysterious and dark. And of course it would be shot for by Steven Klein for Vogue Paris. Oh la la!

What are your plans for the weekend, readers? I've been feeling all sorts of productive the last few weeks, and it feels great! I'm excited to share some of my projects in the coming weeks. This weekend, I'm hoping to continue to work on my projects, catch up with friends and (maybe) tidy up the apartment. Mark and I are still in the midst of designing and decorating the space in our dreamy apartment.

I've also decided that instead of yearly resolutions, what if we commit to monthly resolutions? Or quarterly resolutions? Think about it, they're much more manageable, and it's easier to track your progress. I will share my February resolutions next week, and I hope to hear some of yours as well!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

bryna you are awesome! please keep up the good work!


your secret admirer :p

Bryna Faye Shields said...

Well thanks!

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